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Your JCPenney/VanHeusen H.O.F. Votes counted; 11 players voted in by fans neglected by the election committee!

This is a sponsered post by JCPenney and Van Heusen Jeans. They have partnered together to give you Fan's Choice HOF Voting.

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A while back, I gave an impassioned plea for you to vote for Doug Williams for the Hall of Fame, and hundreds of extra votes were added on to Doug's tally! But unfortunately, he fell short and the Fan's Choice HOF voting picked their 25 finalists without including a Buccaneer! 

The announcement of the JCPenney/VanHeusen Semi-Final 25 shows the disparity between the people in charge of selecting H.O.F. members, as fans voted 11 different players in that actual committee selectors didnt!

So what is going on you ask? Can fans vote in Hall of Fame members now?... Well, No!  ...But they can make a difference; because JCPenney and Van Heusen Jeans have teamed up and sponsored a "Fans Choice" Pro Football Hall of Fame voting, where you the fan can vote in who  YOU think should be in the Hall of Fame. They want you to " Heed the Call from the Hall" ! ..and in doing so, you can win a VIP presence at the enshrinement ceremony. 

No, it wont have any bearing on the actual election, but the winners will be announced on air just before the real winners do, and it probably will have some weight into future consideration for players that were passed over due to oversight. 

At this stage, hundreds of players have been wittled down to the 25 semifinalists, and you will be suprised to find which players the Fans selected that the real H.O.F. election committee did not!

Players like Randall Cunningham, Jim Plunkett, Phil Simms and Joe Theisman were all left off the real 25, yet were important enough for the fans to vote in with almost a quarter of a million votes! Ed Too Tall Jones and Sterling Sharpe were a few others not included.

Fans did agree with the selection commitee on players like Cliff Branch, Richard Dent, Kevin Green, John Randle and Jerry Rice join Emmitt Smith and Ray Guy as players both Fans and commitee members alike agreed upon. 

For a full list of the players selected to the semifinal 25, check out the website. Hats off to JCPenney and Van Heusen Jeans for doing this, getting fans involved, and maybe one day, fans will have a say in the Hall of Fame Voting like they do in the pro bowl selection process; which at one time was removed from the Fans input, but now take into account the Fan's choice.

So go NOW and vote to trim the semifinal 25 down and cast your vote for the Hall of Fame! You could win a chance to attend the ceremonies as a VIP at the enshrinement!

This post has been sponsored by JCPenney and VanHeusen Jeans to bring attention to their "Fan's Choice" HOF Voting.