Uncapped 2010 Could Restrict Free Agency Status of Cadillac Williams, Donald Penn, Barrett Ruud, and 209 Other NFL Players


With the current CBA set to expire in 2010, the NFL free agency period could be restricted for 212 NFLers, including Cadillac Williams, Donald Penn, Barrett Ruud and several other Buccaneers. Their status would be restricted rather than unrestricted because a player has to have 6 years of service in an uncapped year to become an unrestricted free agent. That would allow the Bucs to match any offer sheet submitted by another team and retain that player's rights, which is clearly a boon to the team. If a new CBA is reached prior to the start of free agency, that's still a benefit for the Bucs, as a new salary cap would be reached and the Bucs low payroll would give them the most room to re-sign their players and compete for other free agents.