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2010 New Year's Resolutions for Bucs players

With the end of 2009 staring us in the face and the end of the 2009 NFL regular season just a few days away, it got me thinking about New Year's resolutions.  Not so much personally, but for the Bucs.  I wondered if the Bucs organization had told each player and staff member to take some time and write down a list of their resolutions as it pertained to the Bucs, no gimmicky "lose weight" or "quit smoking" stuff, but real resolutions like "Not commit a false start in every game", you know, the things that matter.

Luckily, I was able to get a copy of such a list and thought I'd post it for your enjoyment.

Joel & Brian Glazer- Learn difference between football and "football".  Never would have bid on that Manchester United thing had we known it was the other version of football.  We also will take a public speaking course and improve our dialogue with the media.  RIght now, we want to tell fans that we are willing to spend money and keep Morris, we just get too nervous in front of the microphones.

Barrett Ruud - I play better when I have my mustache, and lets face it, Mustache Power is a great nickname.  I seem to be late to most run plays but I forget that it's not two hand touch or that you can tackle players while they are standing up.  In that vein, I'm going to brush up on the defensive rules and train by chasing a chicken around.  Hey, it works in the movies, why not for me?

Maurice Stovall - I'm going to find a new mentor.  I like Michael Clayton, but his philosophy on catching the ball (i.e. Drop it like it's hot) just doesn't seem to work for me. 

Josh Bidwell - My New Year's resolution is to be back on the field next year, even if I'm not healthy.  I just can't stand to watch our special teams right now.  

Josh Freeman - I've decided to make a few resolutions.  The first being, I'll learn how to slide and get a first down all on the same play.  I thought quarterbacks were guaranteed a first down when they slid, I was wrong.  I like to complete passes, but I realize now that throwing to the opposite team doesn't count.  Guess I shouldn't have asked Vinny for those pointers.  Last, I'm gonna lobby Olson to throw deep some more.  I can do it, and as we all know, chicks dig the long ball.

Aqib Talib - I learned a lot this year. My goal for next year is to carry around a stress ball with me.  That way, when those late night cab rides get a bit heated (allegedly), I can just give that piece of a rubber a squeeze and let all my tension go.  I also will not use my helmet as a weapon against my own teammates.  I'll save that for the cab drivers (whoops, shouldn't have put that in writing). 

Jeff Jagodzinski - I resolve to go to work for more than a few weeks in 2010, although the time off in 2009 was great.

Stylez G. White - I've got a cool name, but what I need now is a killer dance.  I'm gonna study up on Soul Train to see if I can find an awesome move to bust out after every sack.

Connor Barth - I thought baseball was a cool sport.  You could succeed 3 out of 10 times and be labeled a good player.  I found out that isn't true in the NFL.  I guess I'll work on my accuracy and not follow in Nugent's footsteps.

Gaines Adams - I want to find the weight room this year and actually work out.  I may even practice against live players.  These offensive lineman put up more of a fight than those blocking dummies I see in practice.

Jeremy Trueblood - Well, I set a goal in 2009 and I met it.  I wanted to lead the league in something, and I do in False Starts, pretty cool huh?  I think in 2010 I want to lead the league in personal fouls, fines by the NFL, and become a living reminder of Kenyatta Walker

Josh Johnson - I can't wait for 2010, it's the first year of many in which I get to fulfill my role as career back up.  I can't wait to work towards that one!

Jon Gruden- I'll be sure to send a thank you note every month to the Glazers. $7 Mil for nothing while I sit on TV and tell everyone how great they are?  Sign me the f@*! up!

Geno Hayes - I'm gonna buy a watch so I will never be late to meetings or practice again.  (What, they don't all have to be fake)

Antonio Bryant - I resolve to not be such a waffler.  I might be bipolar.  One week I want out of Tampa, the next week I want to stay, then I complain about the offense.  I resolve to be more determined and just make up my mind on what I want to do.  In 2009 I vowed to run routes like Moss and TO, only when I wanted to, but in 2010, I'll work on actually completing my routes and not leaving my QB out to dry.

Raheem Morris- I'm gonna join the Glazer boys in public speaking.  I don't have any trouble talking to the media, but I can never remember what my point is or what I'm trying to say.  During the interview process for hiring coordinators, I am going to try to take out my earphones so I can hear what they are saying.  I forgot to do that this year and ended up picking two guys at random, and then I had to fire them.  Lastly, I'm gonna have cosmetic surgery on my chin to look just like Bill Cowher.  I've already learned how to spit when I talk.  Hey, the Glazers cant get rid of me if I look just like him, right?

Kellen Winslow- Who would've thought that staying off my motorcycle would lead to a career year for me.  I resolve for 2010 to run upfield instead of side to side.  I like to get in some extra cardio work during games but it might be best served if I get the first down before working on my endurance.

Jeff Garcia- I wanted to play quarterback one more year, but it can only be for Jon Gruden.  Jon, I just can't quit you.

Mark Dominik- I think I'll start a blog that I can use to discredit the University of Tennessee.  I'm tired of losing coaches to that school.  First Monte, then Bisaccia, who's next.  If Rah leaves, who will I play Wonder Twins with.  Activate! Form of a hot seat!

Cadillac Williams- I have alot of goals for 2010.  One is to keep screaming and dancing after big carries.  It gets me jacked up.  I'd also like to go ahead and have surgery on both ankles, shoulders and hips to become a bionic man.  It's worked well for my knees, why not the rest of me?  This whole 16 game season was fun to, I think I'll try it again in 2010.  I also promise to stop scaring the bejeezus out of Buc Wild everytime I run to the sideline and refuse to go out of bounds.  Lastly, I'll do everything I can to come back as a Buc in 2010. C'mon Rah, Dominik, make me an offer.

Yes, this was in good fun.  Do you have any New Year's Resolutions for the Bucs? 

To all of our readers, have a safe and Happy New Year.  May 2010 be filled with blowout wins, no injuries and dreams of Lombardi trophies.