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Buc'em presents, 2009 Tampa Bay MVP: Kellen Winslow Jr

It was a close call with Cadillac Williams and even Donald Penn, but K2 wins the award as the Most Valuable Player on the Bucs as decided by staff of  

Its been a long road traveled for K2, as you'll remember, we were bummed the Bucs had lost out on Albert Haynesworth and even on getting Jonathan Vilma. Then the news came down, the Bucs traded their No. 2 pick to get the Tight End, and even resigned him (which several Bucem members were not happy about). 

It would seem the money was worth it, as Kellen Winslow Jr passed Bucs record holder Jimmy Giles for most yardage for a tight end in a Bucs season. 

In Turn, Winslow not only has produced the best season as a tight end for the Bucs, but one of the best seasons for himself. He has one game left and is within striking distance of his best statistical year of his career. 

In 2007, Winslow had 5 Touchdowns on 82 catches with 1,106 yards. So far with one game left, Winslow has 828 yards on 72 catches, also with 5 touchdowns. That 11.5 average is also 2nd best for his career.  K2 would need 47 more yards to finish with his 2nd best yardage total ever. One Touchdown breaks his personal best.

When you consider he had to work with three different quarterbacks, two of which were rookies, that makes it even more impressive.

Congratulations Kellen Winslow jR for being picked the Buc' 2009 Tampa Bay MVP. For winning, Mr. Winslow will receive....nothing. Next year will be different as the award will have a different name. Hint.