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FACTS (and fiction) of Bill Cowher rumors

Alas a listing of all the facts in the Bill Cowher rumors for you to evaluate.
Alas a listing of all the facts in the Bill Cowher rumors for you to evaluate.

It's on ESPN, 620 AM, St. Pete Times and, so it must be true. We're getting Bill Cowher.

Well, not so fast. Of couse as the regular Bucem reader knows I stand fully behind Raheem Morris returning for another season to finish what he started. To me, the whole rumor of his firing makes no sense. The Glazers fired Gruden and knew Morris was going a) remove the veteran presence on the team b) draft a franchise QB and grow with him.

Granted no owner wants to see a losing season, but if you hire a coach to rebuild, you know your going to lose more games than you win. If anything, the team has given the Glazers the best they could hope for, experience for their franchise QB, and the team playing much better and winning games at the end.

I dont buy the Glazers are panicking over a lack of season tickets sales if they stick with Morris. They were the owners that benefited from the last time an empty Bucs stadium started filling up, and no big name players or coaches were added to solve the problem. They simply won games, going 5-0 to start 1997. WIthin 5 games, the Stadium was sold out.

So lets get to the title of this piece....what are the facts, and what is the fiction, or lack of facts in this case;                                                                                                                                                                                           

Fact: Jason La Canfora is the only person to have come out with the story. He does not list his source, who says the Glazers have reached out to the Cowher camp to ask if he would be interested. He claimes the Bucs are looking for an A-list coaching candidate, and that the Bucs are willing to pay the money to make it happen. In his story, he states the Bucs response was if they cannot find an A-list head coach to take over their team, they are just as happy to keep Raheem Morris as Head Coach.

Now no one believes that the Glazers are going to spend money on free agents, but will drop a hat at the story that they will drop fast cash on a new Coach?

Fact: Any other story you have read about this, springs from the La Canfora story. No one else has said anything. So when you hear " We're continuing to hear from national sources...." you are hearing national sources TALK about the La Canfora story. When you hear about John Czarnecki, Adam Scheftner, Chris Mortensen, they are all talking about the La Canfaro story.

Fact: Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune has reported the rumors are not true, and he sites an anonymous source who is close to the Glazers. The source said "That is not true, it is just people speculating".  The La Canfora story sites a " Source with knowledge of the situation". 

FactJohn Clayton from ESPN's video on Mr. Clayton says no news, no updates, he simply gives his opinion on what is going to happen, based on absolutely nothing. He quotes no source. Be prepared to FF through many minutes of video to get to the good part. How can write a headline saying " Cowher to Tampa very very possible" is beyond me. Maybe thats why Bucem's readership is increasing.

FactMike Florio gives his impression; he feels "this is a spin from Coach Cowher's camp directed at the Carolina Panthers", and that they are trying to send the message to Carolina ownership "that if you dont make a move on Cowher now, you may risk having to face him twice a year".  That is one way of getting that point across huh?

FactJohn Fox was not given a contract extension. He is under contract for next season, and his owner simply has said he is welcome to come back to coach his last year. NO COACH ever works the last year of their contract. Its always redone before that year, you never see a lame duck head coach in the NFL. Yet there is not extension. 

Thats it. The other fact is simple, there are no other principals in this story.