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Don't confuse replacing 4 assistant coaches with instability.

Rod Marinelli would be a great re-addition to the Bucs defensive line...if he gets fired!
Rod Marinelli would be a great re-addition to the Bucs defensive line...if he gets fired!

It was an interesting if hardly worthy point brought up by some callers on the Bucs radio network, that with the report of so many Bucs assistant coaches leaving, that so much instability calls for a change to a new coach which would be just as unstable. 

This assumes you dont realize that assistant coaches come and go each year, but usually arnt heard of, unless its someone big like Monte Kiffin, or in this case, Rich Bisaccia.  Now while Bisaccia will be a tough guy to replace, the defensive line and defensive backs coaches who are Jim Bates guys by the way, will be replaced by guys who will improve the positions they coach by being more in tune with the scheme they run. One only needs to look at what happened right here in 2006.

Rod Marinelli and Mike Tomlin left to take on bigger pursuits, and if you remember, the Bucs took a big PR hit by not allowing Joe Barry to leave with Marinelli (He married his daughter) because they didn't want to lose the assistant from each major position on the defense. In their place, Jethro Franklin and Greg Burns did not have great years, and the Bucs D-line and D-backs suffered greatly in the 4-12 season. Raheem Morris also left his assistant defensive backs position before he knew Tomlin was leaving, and he went to Kansas State to become the Defensive Coordinator there. After the 2006 debacle, the Bucs brought back Raheem Morris as defensive backs coach, but they lost Joe Barry to Detroit and the following year lost Jimmy Lake, who was doing what Raheem did, to Detroit. 

The Bucs will probably be interested in Bringing Jimmy Lake back to Tampa Bay, and there is no telling who they may target for Defensive line, especially if the coaching staff in Chicago is tossed aside.

So you can probably expect better play from the Bucs D-line and D-backs next year with the additions to the coaching staff and the player personnel that will be coming in all offseason.