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Editorial: Fox embarassment shining a light on who the bad guy really is.

They don't require you to sign a contract; you can turn on service as easy as you can turn it off.  If you move, they will move you, usually for free. Add more computers? They will send you out a wireless router.  Their Customer Service is rated tops in any tech business, you call up, you talk to someone right away, and they speak english.

But make no mistake about it. BrightHouse is the bad guy.

They tried to put that designation on NFL Network. Remember a few years ago, when no one could watch the fledgling  network, and BrightHouse refused to carry it because the Big Bad people at the NFL were trying to push an outrageous cost onto the average cable consumer, and wanted to force cable companies to carry it as a sports regular programing, not a premium pay only channel? 


Some of us bought it. Why would the NFL do that to us? What if I dont want Satellite for my cable provider? Then it started spreading. Knology offered up the NFL network at first without the game, of which they added later. Now, even the Sprint Palm Pre I had came with NFL Network on it. Only Brighthouse refuses to carry it.

And now there is Fox. Coming up soon, Brighthouse customers are not going to be able to watch any FOX programming because Brighthouse cannot come to terms.

IS anyone buying it this time? If you are, you shouldn't; any more than you should their services. Because we are outsiders, we don't know for sure who is at fault in this situation. But I have Fios, and I'm not losing anything, so are we wrong to look at the guys who still refuse to back down to the football network?

In the meantime, there are phone numbers to call to speak your mind...but there is only one number I would call. I would be calling Brighthouse and telling them you have no intention of paying for any Cable bill that does not include Fox which isn't it by law they are required to give you? IF enough people do that, I wonder how long it will take for Brighthouse to realize the games have gotten old.

Much like their antiquated services.

NOTE: This is an opinion based article, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the staff or management of anyone with Bucem or SB Nation.