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What to expect with Cowher

There are things to consider before jumping onto the Cowher wagon...
There are things to consider before jumping onto the Cowher wagon...

With the rumours circulating about Bill Cowher and Raheem Morris, a debate in Bucland is sure to catch fire quickly if things go beyond simply rumour. Reports are already coming out that the supposed contact is a fib, so we had better get on this topic quick!

Predicting anything in the NFL is a risky business. When your right people dismiss it as luck and a good guess. Wrong? I told you so is the word then. But it all depends on how specific you get.

Astrology is king of making vauge predictions seemingly come true. So without getting too specific, here are some things you can expect if Bill Cowher is made head coach of the Bucs.


  • Rebuilding, part Deux- As we learned from the failed Jim Bates experiment, this team is built to run the Tampa Two. Bill Cowher comes from the Marty Schottenheimer tree. Cowher has his own tree, with names like Dom Capers, Dick LeBeau, Marvin Lewis; all of them 3-4 disciples. The man is going to do things his way, and the Bucs WILL go back to their 3-4 heritage of many moons ago. It will take  at least two years to bring in the needed talent to change over the defense to a 3-4 that an be run succesfully. Nose Tackles must be huge behemoths that clog up as many guys as they can. Fast underweight Defensive linemen are useless in this system.
  • Cowher will want full control of the Bucs. He will want to be the guy who buys the groceries and cooks with them. So far, this has been a recipie for disaster. Having a GM provides checks and balances to prevent Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder type mistakes from happening. We complained that Bruce Allen was just getting Jon Gruden anything he wanted. Well in this case, that is exactly what will happen.
  • The Bucs will probably win- you can call Cowher many things, but winner is in each statement. He has 8 division championships in 15 years, 10 playoff appearances, and has been to many AFC Championship games. 


The Question is, are you willing to wait for a few years to start over to win? When the signs now point to winning being right around the corner with the addition of a few more key players at the right spots. Would Chan Gailey be a good OC for Josh Freman? Or would the  continuation of working with Greg Olsen?      

Are you going to be patient with Bill Cowher the way the Steelers organization was, or the way you with Morris and were with Gruden. Remember, Cowher missed the playoffs for three straight years. Gruden was on the hotseat when he  missed 2, and that was only a year or two removed from winning the Superbowl.


Given your choice, knowing what you know now about the Bucs and after the win over the Saints, are you firing Raheem Morris and taking a chance with a completely new regime? Lets hear what you have to say!