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Big time thanks to Bucem honorary member "Some other guy who does not care" (your going to have to shorten that one of these days if your going to keep contributing!) who found this excellent piece in ESPN that could not reflect exactly how I feel if I wrote the article myself! Its up first on Bucshots!

Pat Yasinskas feels the Bucs should stick with Morris...

To be fair, here is the opposing view, which says the Glazers should still at least call Cowher.

Then we have the "Why wont the Glazers end the speculation" question. Hello? When do the Glazers answer ANYTHING?

Tom Jones of the St. Pete Times evaluates the Media's coverage of the Bucs win over the Saints.

Like most travelers, Geno Hayes forgot to set his watch an hour back for Central Standard Time. He had to have the Bucs send someone to go get him from the hotel!  Still, Ira Kauffman tells us how Hayes made up for his blunder

Jim Flynn of Pewter Report tells us about Raheem Morris' response to the Cowher rumours.