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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers accomplished more in the second half vs the Saints in the Superdome than they probably have all season long. In a state where unemployment is over 12%, several jobs were saved, including maybe the Head Coach Raheem Morris, whose defense has excelled in second half action the past two weeks. Connor Barth nailed the game winner in overtime to cement his status as a clutch kicker with 5 FGs in a row, Cadillac Williams ran for 129 yards on 24 carries to claim his status as team runner, and Quarterback Josh Freeman swatted off two interceptions like bayou mosquitoes to lead the Bucs to their second greatest comeback in team history, Tying a 17 point comeback vs the Colts; in Baltimore circa 1979. 

The Bucs under Offensive Coordinator Greg Olsen has probably saved the position for himself and his coach, with a game plan that refused to go away from the run even down by three scores. In the final drive, the Bucs ran the ball on every play; the only pass play Freeman broke up the middle for a first down.

The game could not have been won however without the turn-around of the Tampa Bay defense, since changed back to the Tampa Two after the last game vs the Saints. In what started out as a repeat of that game, the Bucs gave up scores to the the Saints on their first three possessions of the first quarter, and a 17-0 lead. That was the last the Saints would score; this after allowing Drew Brees to break a New Orleans team record for 19 straight completions. But the defense bent but would not break, and in the end, it was the defense who bent but refused to break that kept the saints out of the end zone the rest of the game, and after the miss by Saints kicker Garrett Hartley took the best team in the NFC into overtime. 

The extra period would not have been possible if not for the recurring heroics of Michael Spurlock, who joins Clifton Smith as Bucs who have returned Punts and kick offs for Touchdowns for the Bucs. Spurlock, just signed to replace Sammy Stroughter who was lost to IR, broke up the middle and refused to be caught.

So for Bucs fans who grew tired of hearing the "Who Dat" chant a few weeks ago at Raymond James, you now have an answer for them.


Check out the looks on the faces of Saints Ownership, when they think they won the game on a FG!