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Help Us Inform YOU!

With the end of 2009 and the decade itself, the dawn of 2010 and the teens is very exciting. We are clearly entering the decade of information, where the sum of all human knowledge can be found in the average persons front pocket in the form of an iphone or blackberry. 

What good is all that info if we are not giving it to you the best way? So to  help us out here on, here is a brief little survey. Ive cut off comments because thats not really the point of questions, its more of a fact finding mission, and will help us gear our articles and content to better serve you in the time to come!

In no way is ANY information being recorded, or connected to you, your  user name, IP Address or anything. Your selections are completely private.

Thank You in advance for helping us help to inform YOU, the most important person at!