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Bucs Special Teams continue to separate themselves.

By now you know the drill. The Bucs defense is improved since the change to the Tampa Two, but they're still down at the bottom statistically overall. They have been around no. 10 in many stats since the change, but the bottom line; Bucs are 25th in Defense ( They were 32nd not that long ago) and 29th on offense.

On the offensive side, they do a couple things ok. You would expect this one given our biggest strength is supposed to be our offensive line. In Sacks allowed, the Bucs are 14th. 

On Defense, we intercept the ball often enough, ranking 7th in interceptions, and 8th in opponents passing yards per game. That will probably take a dive with Drew Brees coming up!

Yet the bright spot all year, and a good sign for the future of the franchise, is the special teams. Thats because special teams are a good indicator of the quality of your depth. So how do the Bucs rank in Special Teams?

#1 Gross Punting Average

#1 Opponents Kick Off return average

#14 Opponents Punt Return average

#4 Opponents net punt average

#5 Opponents gross punt average

#8 Punt return differenital (obvious given the good numbers)

#1 Kick off return differential. 

And for those who think the coaching stinks...

#10 least penalized team, which is a sign of discipline, or a sign there is not a lack there of.