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Top 25 Bucs games of all time- To be shown during offseason Sundays!

Just one of the best 25 games you will see this offseason on Bucem.
Just one of the best 25 games you will see this offseason on Bucem.

Starting with the weekend after the Atlanta game, the last game of the 2009 season, each Sunday will give you a Bucs game to watch   like todays KC/Bucs game. 

Before we hit the top 25, we will do 4 honorable mention games; one from each major era.

after that..One Bucs game each Sunday. The top ten Bucs games wont be listed for a little suspense........

So here we go..after the Jump...

Honorable Mention

Original Bucs- 1977 Bucs at Saints- First Win EVER for Bucs

1987 Week 1 Atlanta Falcons at Bucs - Vinny rides the pine in his first game, but DeBerg goes wild.

Im watching because?  You get to see how a well oiled Ray Perkins machine worked....In September. Because the Bucs were in MidSeason form. By November they were all on IR. Plus, Steve Deberg was masterful.

1997 Week 13 Bucs at NY Giants; Dungy vs Fassel who was  wrongfully selected coach of the year.

Im watching because? Only Bucs win in the meadowlands ever.

2006 Week 14 Bucs at Chicago Bears- Gradkowski gets benched midgame for Tim Rattay, and the fireworks fly.

#25) 1996-11 Bucs at San Diego- The game most consider the game the Bucs turned it all around. A win on the west coast, not something the bucs do often.

24) 1989-5 Chicago Bears at Bucs- Vinny leads Bucs to a huge upset over the Bears who at the time won 12 straight over the Bucs going back to 1982! 

Im watching because?  You get a chance to see Vinny Testeverde at his best. The Bucs offense was masterful in this game. They really had enough of getting swept by the Bears each year for 6 years.

23) 1998-13 GreenBay at Bucs- Monday Night Football returns to Tampa Bay after a 15 year absence!        This game is just awesome, especially when you understand how Green Bay had beaten Tampa Bay so many times over the last 5 years.

22) 1985-1 Bucs at Chicago Bears- Game One of the Bears SuperBowl Shuffle season was not what you expected, as the Bucs throw 4 1st half TDs at the mighty Bears defense.

Im watching because? Its a chance to see the SuperBowl Bears,and how the Bucs with James Wilder and co. put a hurting on them in the first half.

21) 1992-13 LA Rams at Bucs- Wild Sunday NIGHT football on ESPN, as the Bucs go up 27-3 at halftime. 

Im watching this game if....If you loved that 2003 Colts Bucs game on Monday Night Football, because this collapse is similar.

20) 1981-16  Bucs at Detroit- This is another wild game 16, set up as a winner takes all game. Detroit hadnt lost all year long at home. The Bucs beat the Lions in week 4 by 18. Who ever wins this game goes to the playoffs. Loser goes home.

19) 1988-14 Buffalo at TampaBay- One of the proudest moments in Bucs history, yet another reason why defense rules the Bay area. Bucs taking on the AFC East leading Buffalo Bills trying to win their division, but control the powerful Bills offense during the game. Don't miss an incredible goal line stand in the 4th quarter.

18) 1989-2 San Francisco at Bucs- Tampa Bay won their opener at Green Bay, and looked like a good team. They hosted the World Champion, and eventual 89 world champion 49ers, and kept it a game until the very end. Bucs took the lead in the 4th, and made Joe Montana earn every yard. A cant miss game.

17) 1999-17 Washington at Bucs PLAYOFFS- This first round playoff game for Shawn King and Company, and you dont want to miss one of the most incredible Alstott TDs.

16) 1995-14 GreenBay at Bucs- ESPN Night Game, and the Bucs game the Packers, who were trying to clinch a playoff spot. The Bucs were 6-7, and a win would finally end 13 years of double digit losing seasons. 

Want to watch because: Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks are rookies and its a proud moment for young Bucs who turned into our heroes in a year or so.

15) 1999-18  NFC Championship Game- Bucs at St. Louis Rams- You know the story. Now watch our best defensive effort ever, SHOCK everyone in the Dome.

Want to watch because- This was the beginning of the end for Tony Dungy. Many players left their hearts on that field.

14) 1997-1  San Francisco at Bucs-  First game ever in Pewter Uniforms. We shocked the powerful 49ers who didnt lose another game until the second half of the season. Sapp knocked out Steve Young AND Jerry Rice in this game.

13) 1998-8 Minnesota at Bucs- The Vikings came into Tampa Bay undefeated and with the Best offense of the year. Bucs were 3-4 and answered with a powerful running game in which both Alstott and Dunn went over 100 yards each. 

12) 1979-17 NFC Divisional Playoff- Philadelphia at Bucs- First playoff game EVER for the Bucs.

Want to watch because- Here is a chance to see the 1979 team at their best. Powerful running attack of Ricky Bell, leadership of Doug Williams, catching of Jimmy Giles, and the dominant Defense. 

11) 2001-14 New Orleans at Bucs- Getting near the end of the season, both the Bucs and Saints were in competition for the  wild card spot. facing each other, one team would show it was more of a veteran savvy playoff caliber team. 

Want to watch because- Its one of Tony Dungy's last games, and a domination by Warrick Dunn, Alstott, Sapp, Brooks, and company.

10  through 1 Will be announced midweek!