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BucShots from Week 15!

Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times says the Bucs were planning to get rid of Figurs after the Jets game.

Joe Henderson of the Trib talks about Josh Freeman's incredible poise which he calls eerie.


Ira Kauffman, the leading Bucs beat writer, talks about how Raheem got more out of his  players than last weeks counterpart Jim Mora. 

Jim Flynn of Pewter Report was impressed with the offense and how they rebounded from the Jets game.

Our old Buddy Joey Galloway has been Picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers. How is that Bucs news? well...for those who still criticize Morris/Dominik for purging all the GOOD players that had us 9-7 last year, guys named June, Brooks, Dunn,  Hilliard, Smith, Garcia, and Carter, Joey Galloway is currently the only one contributing on an NFL roster. OOOPS..I lied. Alex Smith has 22 yards receiving on the year for the Eagles