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Seattle, Thanks for the Repair

Well, I needed some help. The Josh Freeman bandwagon had two flat tires and an overheated radiator. Trapped on the side of the road, my cell phone was getting no reception and the CB radio only registered a trucker named Rah and he didn’t seem too inclined to help. I was sure these troubling times would end soon. Then, Seattle AAA arrived to fix what ailed our group of Freeman supporters and get us back on the road.

Quarterbacks are funny creatures. Somewhere along the line, a parent or coach has to anoint a kid as a quarterback, and push him in that direction. Rarely, does someone play lineman in Pop Warner and then suddenly, at high school tryouts, say "I’m ready to be a gunslinger." Josh Freeman was molded to be a quarterback and it’s time for that training to kick in and start producing some top flight quarterback play. The interceptions were just a blip, right? Just a bump in the road, right? After all, we are not going to be teased for years by Josh Freeman’s potential, are we? It could be worse. We could be Philadelphia Eagles fans. Find out why, after the jump.

I can not think of a quarterback that has inspired more joy and pain to the same fan base as Donovan McNabb. There is no doubt that Donovan McNabb is an upper echelon NFL quarterback, capable of beating down average teams. But, I have to be really glad he’s not our quarterback. I mean, four NFC Championship game losses and a Super Bowl loss? Talk about unfulfilled expectations. To me, Donovan McNabb is like the very beautiful, great-on-paper girlfriend some guys had in college. Yeah, you are so psyched when you start dating her. She’s gorgeous, smart, comes from a good family. You can see the potential. Unfortunately, you two never have the kind of relationship you always dreamed about. Sure, you go to parties and go on dates, and she even invited you to a formal dance. Yep, stuck at third base. Most things with her are great, but you need it all to be happy. You thought it might happen, but then she threw up in the huddle and seemed in no hurry to get things going again. Meanwhile, your roommate is dating a girl (Tom Brady) and they spend all of their time in his room with the door closed. Every morning, they are in the shower for an hour and you have no hot water before you go to class. He may be your best friend, but right now, you hate his guts. You are thinking to yourself, how the hell did this happen to him? Why isn’t this happening for me? That’s how Eagles fans feel. Roethlisberger has two Super Bowls? And the other Manning guy? No, not Cooper.  Is this ever going to happen for us? Twelve years of teasing and poor clock management and big game melt downs. Ridiculous. They even had the freaky cousin transfer (T.O.) hoping some crazy would rub off on her, but NOOOOO! Nothing. Twelve years with a top team and can’t cash in ONE SUPER BOWL!!!

Like I said, quarterbacks are strange creatures. Like any good relationship, you have to commit to it early, nurture it, hope for that to develop and ultimately pay off. I have fond memories of Gruden, but he refused to draft and develop a Josh Freeman type. I could not get that fired up for another 8-8 season under Garcia/Griese/McNown/Fiedler/Unabomber Jake Plummer. I know this year sucks. We’ve had that great college girlfriend, and it was AWESOME. Now, we are back in college again, trying to start anew. Will it work out? I see some great signs. Josh Freeman laughs at all of our jokes. He has the right moves. We’ve had some good times so far, but how will things feel when the pressure comes? Only time will tell, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Who’s with me?