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End of the year Staff Report Card! How are we doing?


You not only have your feedback with the ability to leave comments AND write up fanposts, but now you get your say so on us..the writers. Its the end of 2009, and we want to know how we are doing. You can tell us by..

1) Leaving constructive comments to let us know what you think were doing right, and what it is we've got to correct.

2) Vote on your favorite writer or call it the person whos articles you look forward too the most.  

3) Offer up a suggestion on something you would like to see that other blogs either on, or off SB Nation are doing.

The primary reason for this blog is to entertain and inform you, the reader.  Well now, at years end, you can tell us how we are doing.  By all means, you do not have to leave any comments, and the poll is an off SB Nation poll, so your results are not tabulated by SB Nation nor does anyone from SB Nation have any way of knowing who voted which way.  

The results of the poll will not be available as we do not intend this to be a knock on any writer here at Bucem. At the end of the poll, which will be brought up three times to the top to insure a good quality count will be checked by me on New Years Day, and the Best Writer will be announced. staff will be emailed their report cards privately.

Settings will not allow more than one vote from any IP address, so if you and your buddy share a computer, only one vote from that computer.

Thank You for letting us hear what you have to say!