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Road Warriors? Bucs offense moves the ball lately when away.

Just goes to show you, this is not your fathers Bucs team. Before the turnaround with Tony Dungy, the Bucs set team records for futility on the road, going 19 road games vs AFC without a win, or 21 Road games on Astro Turf without a win. 

If you listened to yesterdays press conference with Raheem Morris, a reporter mentioned a certain 1996 road game at San Diego where the Bucs won, and ended a monsterous streak of losses on the West Coast since 1980 (16 years) and people look at that win as the turn around of our franchise. They asked Morris if the win over Seattle was such a  win. Morris said he will let you know next year! One thing is for sure, The Bucs under Raheem Morris have put some yardage on opposing defenses on the road lately. 

In the last three road games, the Bucs have averaged 375 yards per game on offense during that streak, not once going under the 300 yard threshold. They have just put up 339 on Seattle, sneaked over the marker with 318 at Atlanta, and every one knows about the 469 yard team effort at Carolina. That's over 1100 yards of offense in the last three games...on the road, a place the Bucs are usually, well, quite timid! 

Whether it has something to do with it or not, these numbers started when Raheem Morris changed the defense from  Jim Bates system to the Tampa Two style the Bucs have run in the past. While the defensive numbers don't really tell the whole story, someone, something, has turned the Bucs into something they have never been in the past...Offensive Road Warriors. But this time, not THAT kind of offensive.