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Most important game of the year? Week 17 Chicago at Detroit?!

Its a draft party Primer! It has everything you want in an NFL game; if your a Bucs fan. 

Because you get TWO great things that happen, or TWO bad things that happen, based on one result. 

Have I lost my mind? Did Freeman's success play with my cerebral cortex and twist it up a little bit?      

 Week 17, otherwise known as game 16 to Detroit and Chicago fans, needs to be on every TV Screen in the  Bay Area from Sarasota to Spring Hill.  It's a 1:00 PM start time, unless the NFL moves it to prime time for the three areas most affected by the outcome of this game!! This game, has the potetial to be Double SUH-weet!                                                                                                                              


If you havnt gotten it yet, Let me explain.

Chicago, at Detroit. The Lions are now tied with us for the 2nd pick in the draft with 2-12 records. We lose out on Tie-breakers because of our tough schedule. An easier schedule means since you lost the same amount of games with an easier schedule, then you must need a better pick more. Well whatever...

In this case, We are double hoping for Detroit to win, because not only would a win  break our tie and give us the no.2 draft pick just under the Rams, but lower the Chicago Bears draft pick in the second round, which is OUR draft pick in the second round!

As of right now, the Bears pick with their 5 wins is 6th, and if Washington wins tomorrow, that could change. Add 6 onto the 32 picks in the first round, and you have 38. That would mean the Bucs will have access to 3 of College Footballs best 38 football players to help with this turnaround.

Round One

1)St. Louis Rams

2)Tampa Bay Buccaneers




Round Two

33) St. Louis Rams

34) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

35) Detroit Lions

36) Kansas City

37) Cleveland 

38) Tampa Bay (From Chiacgo)

Now anyone who wants to put in some extra homework, check out the strength of schedule for Chicago and the other teams in their range. I'm going on the word of Pewter that Chicago has a weak S.o.S. compared, and I don't have the actual numbers. They mentioned that the Redskin game tonight has some say in this.

Any way you look at it, The Bears/Lions game has an effect on the Bucs draft pick, and who we take to rebuild this franchise.