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Hangover City; Time to set our sights, expectations, on Gerald McCoy

Now that the Bucs are probably picking third, its time to get over the idea that Ndomekong Suh will fall to our laps. Its very possible that the St. Louis Rams will pick a Quarterback, as a franchise guy is needed there in an age of Quarterbacks league wide. Not only that, but the Rams have taken 2 defensive linemen out of the last three drafts. But slip one past the Lions too? Detroit is coached by former Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who understands the importance of a dominant DT, see Albert Haynesworth. It is unlikely Detroit will pass on Suh, and it is equally unlikely the Bucs will pick ahead of Detroit in the first round in the event of a tie.

But it is not all bad news. Gerald McCoy is considered a cant miss defensive tackle too, one who also, like Suh, excels at running out of the Three Technique, something needed to play the DT position with the Tampa Two like Warren Sapp used to.

Check out this video of  McCoy, then the write up your comments on it. Keeping in mind with all the juniors entering this years draft because its probably the last chance for rookies to get huge paydays, the draft is considered RICH in legit defensive talent, and WRs. Several teams will score Big, the Bucs probably among them with three picks in the first two rounds, including a second round pick from the Bears for Gaines Adams, a move now looking sheer genius. 

Our own draft guy Craig T will be starting his draft coverage soon! So expect even more info on three guys that will be asked to help rebuild the Bucs into winners again!

- Oklahoma Sooners defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, the No. 3 overall ranked prospect for 2011 by,  will forgo his senior year of eligibility and declare for the NFL Draft. The 6-4, 298-pound McCoy is ranked behind only Tennessee strong safety Eric Berry and teammate quarterback Sam Bradford, who are both expected to declare for the draft as well. "I made the decision around mid-season when I knew that I would have enough credits to graduate," McCoy said through the school's website. "Graduation was my main goal and once I knew I had that accomplished, I wanted to look at playing in the NFL." McCoy was scheduled to go through graduation ceremonies Friday night and plans to graduate with a Human Relations degree after completing online courses this spring. His play is reminiscent of former Oklahoma State defensive tackle Kevin Williams, who is now a Pro Bowl player for the Minnesota Vikings. McCoy lines up at the three-technique position when Oklahoma plays a four-man front and moves out to shade either side of the right tackle in a 3-4 alignment. That sort of versatility endears him to NFL defensive coordinators relying on either front as their base look. McCoy also plays nearly every snap, constantly pushing his man toward the quarterback on pass plays and chasing down ballcarriers against the run. His combination of size, stamina and agility are hard to find at his position. If there's one negative to his game, it may be that McCoy plays too tall on occasion, losing leverage against double teams or when man-up against stronger interior linemen. But that can be improved through work and coaching at the next level, and won't prevent him from being picked early in the first round. With Detroit, Oakland, Tampa Bay and others looking for defensive line help, it would be hard to see McCoy drop out of the top 10. - Chad Reuter, The SportsXchange,