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This time, Freeman able to put Interceptions behind

You watched the game, and it was all too familiar. Josh Freeman, backing up to pass, still in the pocket, not moving, and throwing a ball to a receiver he should have thrown away. Trying to force something that wasnt there off his back foot, the ball sailed on him and was intercepted by Safety Deon Grant. Only minutes later it seems, Freeman did it again, this time the turnover was averted by a dropped ball by a defensive back. 

This type of play has become all too common lately for the franchise quarterback, but something different happened on this chilly rainy afternoon in Starbucks country. Maybe someone gave Josh a Vente Cappuccino, because he came out quite different in the second half. "There was nothing I hung my head about.." said the Bucs victorious Quarterback, " I just went out and continued to do the things I've been working on with my Quarterback Coach". Freeman said after throwing the pick, there wasn't a melee on the sideline, instead he just simply said " I got it"  and he was able to move on.

To be fair, said QB Coach doubling as offensive coordinator Greg Olsen commited to running the ball, even though like in the past, the rush yards simply weren't there. But in time, a few showed up. A big pickup by Cadillac, a big run by Derrick Ward, probably playing the best game of the season for the Bucs, and the Seahawks suddenly had to respect the Bucs backfield like no one else has this season for the  most part. 

Still, this didnt stop Freeman from throwing his pick and pseudo pick earlier in the half. Freeman finished the second half with an 11 of 14 passing performance for 144 yards and both of his touchdowns, the last of which was a nice sell to one side, with a spin around pass to the other, and ended costing Seattle another TD via the screen pass; a weapon forgotten around Tampa Bay in years past. 

When asked if he did anything different in practice, Freeman explained " I have a routine, I have a standard operating procedure throughout the week, and that doesn't change despite the performance the week before".

 The result is the second win for coach Raheem Morris, who avoided becoming the only Head Coach in Bucs history to lose 15 games in one season. And as a Starter, Josh Freeman who is 2-5 has won more games as a rookie than Trent Dilfer (0-2), Vinny Testeverde (0-4) and Steve Young (1-4) combined.