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Bue'em NFL Week 15 picks




Dallas at NewOrleans - The Cowboys need this game more, but the Saints likely want it more after saying they're not holding back and they're going to go for the undefeated record. They get No. 14 here. Saints 34, Cowboys 27.

Cleveland at KC - There's not much to say about this one. Both teams stink, it's just a question of who will self-destruct first. Josh Cribbs is turning out to be a reliable weapon, but not enough to carry the whole team two weeks in a row. Chiefs 17, Browns 9.


Cincinnati at SanDiego- Yes, the Chargers are extremely hot, led by Phillip Rivers.  However, the Bengals match up very well.  Their soon-to-be All Pro cornerbacks, Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph will nuetralize the Chargers deep passing attack.  Then, they will hammer the 20th ranked run defense with Cedric BensonCarson Palmer will bounce back and do just enough for a road victory.  Bengals 17-13.

 Green Bay at Pittsburgh- The Packers are hitting their stride, while Pittsburgh's injuries on the defensive side of the ball have been too big to overcome.  Without Polamalu and Aaron Smith, the Pittsburgh defense has become just above average, instead of elite.  That small difference puts them on the short end of the stick in all the close games they won last year.  With Brandon Jones replacing Aaron Kampman in the 3-4 alignment, the Packer defense has improved.  Plus, Charles Woodson has been a true difference maker.  Packers 20-13.

UNF Nole

Atlanta at NY Jets - The Jets will continue to pound the ball against the Falcons. The Falcons still have way too much uncertainty with their health on offense, and their defense just isn't getting the job done. Warrick Dunn became a minority owner over the Falcons this week, but the Falcons would need him in his 2005 shape and on the field to win this game.

Oakland at Denver - Can anyone accurately predict what either of these teams are going to do from week to week? I can't. While both teams have vastly different records (8-4, 4-9) both have lost and won games they shouldn't. Denver is clearly the better team, but Oakland has had a nack for pulling the upset this season. Keep an eye on this one as it will be closer than the 23-3 game we saw last time.


HOUSTON at St Louis - Not much analysis here.  St Louis is playing their 3rd string QB when their first stringer wasn't all that good.  They may be without Steven Jackson and the Rams just aren't generally a good team.  Houston looks to roll towards a playoff berth and should have no trouble here.

PATRIOTS at Buffalo - The Panthers may have woken a sleeping giant with their comments on Moss.  The Patriot players and coaches have come to his defense and they may now be more focused.  I expect Brady and company to throw it around against Buffalo who just doesnt have the firepower to compete.


Miami at Titans- Miami will try to keep up with their incredible playoff chances that are still alive. Tennessee is hanging onto a thread, but considering they were 0-6, that is saying something for this team and Vince Young.

San Francisco at Eagles- Phily has a half game lead on Dallas, and a win keeps them up by one. San Francisco on the heals of their upset over the Cards have kept their chances alive.....for now.

Craig T- (Sorry I missed the email)

ARIZONA @ Detroit. Like this one needs much explanation... ARI potent passing attack will demolish putrid DET secondary. Cards win comfortably.


Chicago @ BALTIMORE. Ray Rice and B-more still have something to play for and will pound the Bears into submission. Baltimore wins by running well and shutting down Forte.


Tampa Bay at Seattle: Two franchises in disarray will face off in Seattle this Sunday. Look for the Bucs' offense to look much improved vs. a defense that was absolutely annihilated by a streaky Houston team last week. Antonio Bryant has even been named a solid fantasy start this week! Unfortunately for us though, we also have to bring along our defense to Seattle. In what should be a close game I will have to give the edge to Seattle because of home field advantage if nothing else. 17-13

Minnesota at Carolina: The Vikings looked very impressive last week against a strong Bengals squad. Look for them to give Carolina a taste of their own medicine and simply cram the ball down their throats for four quarters. Minnesota wins easily 24-10

NYG at Washington: Monday night brings us an NFC East matchup that is likely to put us to sleep. Washington has shown flashes lately, but is still no match for the G-men, who looked much improved in their loss to Philly last week. G-Men win it handily 35-20.