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Want to blame someone for the Offensive performance of the Offense last week? Try the Jets first.

This week in the comment sections, readers have gone after OC Greg Olsen for the terrible output of the offense. Raheem Morris was without a pass too. And finally, QB Josh Freeman and his army of " I told you so" people came back out of the woodwork to point out his terrible game too.

Someone is to blame right? Its the Job of the Bucs coaches to prepare the team to succeed. Never mind that Freeman had his star receiver blanketed by one of the best corners in the NFL, leaving 4th and 5th string  receivers to fill the bill. With Clayton and Stroughter ( A rookie) out, Its not like there were any weapons of value. Still, lets not make excuses. Someone is to blame for the lame performance. So I'm going to point the finger.

Thats right at you NY Jets. Want to call them an average football team? Maybe based on their record they are average. But while they dominated the game stats because the offense wasnt able to do   ANYTHING in the first half, there are some indicators as to maybe why it happened. Maybe its because the Jets have a defense similar to what we saw here in Tampa Bay back in the Tony Dungy years. A dominating defense that made opposing QBs look silly. 

Lets take a look at some of the Jet's defense stats, and what they do to other team's quarterbacks like we used to do back in the day....

Passing YPG- 160.4   1st :  The Jets give up the least passing yards of any other team in the league.

Comp PCT  53.1   1st  : No team allows a lower completion percentage than the Jets.

Yds/Pass att   5.49   1st : Team simply do not get big yards on the Jets pass defense.

Passing TD allowed  7  1st:  Teams dont score TDs on the Jets. No team has allowed less TDs than the Jets

QB Rating  59.8   T-1st:  This is the most similar to our old defense. Other teams QBs had terrible stats. Keep in mind two games vs Tom Brady are in here too! Drew Brees has helped out too. They held him to 20/32 with 0 TDs and only 190 yards.

DREW BREES- 190 yards and 0 Touchdowns.   But we are going to complain about Josh Freeman's performance. Oh that game was in the Superdome BTW. 

What about Tom Brady?

23/47  216 yards 0 TD 1 INT in the  loss to the  Jets;

28/41  310    1TD 0 INT in their win over the Jets.

These facts do not imply that Mr. Freeman is off the hook for a bad game. No, he must learn from his mistakes. It doesn't take Olsen or Morris off the hook either. You must prepare better when you know a team is dominating like this. At the same time, we cant just look at it from the viewpoint of we were dominated by a team that is .500, with a back up QB. But we DO have to look at the entire perspective, and in the end we we played about as bad as the other teams did. Then take Mr. Freeman into the movie room, and teach him how to evaluate that obviously great defense.