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Classic Enemy Flashback; Seattle Seahawks

Steve Largent.

Usually passed to from  Jim Zorn, however maybe some long time Seahawk fan can tell us why this clip is not of the Zman himself. 

This video will show one of the longest TD passes for the young Bucs, something very very rare: a TD Pass. And one of over 20 yards! 

Then we have the classic matchup of Rick Mirer and Craig Erickson. Ok, Ok, Maybe if we had their Notre Dame vs Miami game it would have been classic!

Last but not least, the first TD pass of Shawn King, local boy gone hero! I remember watching a game with him at Gibbs high vs Tarpon Springs, and they looked like Florida State vs Tarpon the way King ran that shotgun.

Enjoy Bucs and Seahawks fans alike. Remember the OTHER Curt Warner before the QB became famous out west?