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Should Raheem Morris go? These last three games may be the report cards biggest entry.

It's an age old question, just one we can not believe we are asking already after only one season. In this article, we will look at the Pros and Cons Of Raheem Morris and his first season at the helm. 

Mark Dominik is the second youngest GM in the NFL, but Dominik has developed a reputation as a good talent scout, and several teams were interested in him as a GM. He is the longest tenured Buccaneer, as he was hired in 1995, and promoted MANY times. We are going to give Dominik a pass.  He will go into 2010 on the auto Hot Seat, as will Morris should we vote for him to return.

Executive Decisions:           We have come to find out recently through many outlets, that the Glazers actually had a bigger hand in the hiring of Jeff Jagodzinski and Jim Bates than we thought. The Glazers did not want their young rookie coach to be without experienced talent around him. Yet Jags was fired 10 days before the season even started, and the Jim Bates experiement ended before the season did. The fallout from these mistakes is serious..

1) Ryan Sims was terible on the line last year, but he was thought to compliment Bates system. He was resigned.

2) The playbook is a mess. It has plays from Jags book, Jon Grudens Book, and some of Olsens book too.

3) The defense ended up going back to the Tampa Two. How many wins would they have gotten?

Its starting to seem like we cannot fully  blame Morris or Dominik for this, but be known, it cannot happen again. A franchise QB like Josh Freeman needs continutity, and a running game around him. I hope we are a pass happy team now because of the playbook disaster and the maturing of Freeman at a faster pace.

IN Game Decisions:    - Morris has been average, slightly below. But he seems to have learned some lessons along the way.

1) Clifton Smiths fumble eneded the 4 way running back race, and losing our two fullbacks ended the 3 way race too. But the two headed attack hasnt really done anything great. 

2) Early on, Morris would seem to listen to players telling him to challenge a play based on their feeling. We havnt seen that happen.

3) Having guts to onside kick is great, but when you chicken out on 4th and 2, you lose some credibility. Deciding when to go for it, or not, is not easy. He has had a chance to learn from that this year. 

4) Chest bumping will not be frowned upon...Gruden was far worse and no  one said a word when we were 4-12 as to why he was pumping fists and going BOOM BOOM BOOM.  Thats the way Raheem be it.

But we have to go to the Head Coach when dishing out grades because ultimately it is his team. This team does NOT run the ball and the last three games is going to show us how much of what he says he means, or is hot air. 

Player Coaching responsibilities-     Lets face it, the team has never quit....up till last week. The Jets game showed us some offensive players who  quit, and offensive guys are farthest from Morris as far as loyalty. These next three games, will show us how much Morris is in charge. If the Bucs are outplayed in the next three games, despite the lack of talent, Morris can kiss his job goodbye, and I will be calling for it. It will mean the Players are no longer hearing his message, and thats why we got rid of Chuky is it not?