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Re-Introducing "Prospecting the Draft" With Craig T, Version 2.0


Hello gang.... I just wanted to give a heads-up that we here at Buc'Em are planning on rolling with our "Prospecting the Draft" segment during the offseason starting in January, which I will be spearheading.  For those that recall last year, each week we selected a player at a position of projected need for the Bucs.  I broke down some video of their college performance, looked at their college statistics and various statistical trends and performances, and examined their combine results and physical strengths and weaknesses.  Each week, the piece would culminate with a poll requesting your opinion on whether the prospect would be worth being picked and a discussion in the comment section on why you would/wouldn't select the particular player.  If you want a refresher on the series, I encourage you to peruse the archives and take a look at our pieces on Josh Freeman, Percy Harvin, Everette Brown, etc, that I posted back in February/March of this year.  Of course, this series would be in addition to regular mock drafts and forums/discussions on the combine, individual workouts, and offseason free agent acquisitions that might impact draft needs. 

I was also thinking of making this thing a bit more democratic this year and putting it to you all, our readership, to determine who you'd like to see featured and evaluated the next week.  Do you all have any other suggestions or requests that you'd like to see in this series that we didn't cover last year?