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Player Comparison


Everyone is pulling for Josh Freeman to succeed. He seems to stay out of the media spotlight, is by all accounts a nice guy and he is our quarterback. However, is he showing any promise that he will succeed? Below is a player comparison. One of the players is Josh Freeman, you guess the other two guys (The answer is after the jump).


Player A - 5.48 Yards / Attempt, 10.87/Per Completion, 8.1% Sack Rate, 50.4% Completion %, 6.4% INT%, 9.8% TO Rate, 3.2% TD Rate

Player B - 6.0 Yards / Attempt, 11.0/Per Comletion, 7.3% Sack Rate, 52.5% Completion %, 6.4% INT Rate, 10.18% TO Rate, 3.5% TD Rate

Player C - 5.1 Yards / Attempt, 10.7/Per Completion, 12.0% Sack Rate, 48% Cmp %, 3.4 INT%, 15% TO Rate, 0.9% TD Rate

Did you get it right?

Player A - Josh Johnson

Player B - Josh Freeman

Player C - JaMarcus Russel

These numbers are virtually identical. I would also contend that Josh Johson played slightly better defenses (an average of the 12th best defense as opposed to an average of the 13th best defense). While Josh Freeman can hang his hat on being "the future" Johnson is also young and just as worthy at staying in the league. Also, if you take away the Green Bay game his numbers decline vastly; 4 TDs to 12 INT's.

I threw Russel in there because he has been the standard for bad this year. However, his rookie and sophmore numbers have been equivalant or better than Freemans have been. You make of this what you want.