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Bucs-Seahawks games go back to the beginning- 1976!

Expansion Bowl 1 featured Jim Zorn vs Steve Spurrier as Quarterbacks.
Expansion Bowl 1 featured Jim Zorn vs Steve Spurrier as Quarterbacks.

Both of our franchises came into the NFL at the same time, as the Tampa Bay and Seattle areas were given an NFL Franchise back in 1974 to begin play in 1976. The Seahawks are now in the NFC, but long time NFL fans know and remember the Seahawks as an AFC  team. In '76 however, the Bucs and Seahawks were put in opposite conferences and told to play everyone plus each other. So Tampa Bay was placed in the AFC West, and the Raiders were put in the NFC West, exactly where they ended up decades later after divisional realignment!! Then in 1977, the two teams went to their new homes; Seattle in the wild AFC West where they had great games vs the Oakland Raiders, especially on Monday Night Football. Bucs-Seahawks game go back to the beginning- 1976! 

Bucs fans this year got to witness the throwback uniform which was an exact replica of the 1976 uniforms, but the Bucs really never wore the dark shirt at home that year, opting for the light. This is the only year the Bucs white uniforms featured an Orange number with a red outline. From 1977 until 1996, the Bucs used Red numerals with Orange trim. 


Even though they did not have a winning team, the old Seattle club would get on Monday Night Football often because they had such a wide open attack with Jim Zorn and Steve Largent, and they would fake FGs, Fake Punts, do anything to beat the Raiders. You will get to see an old Raiders/Seahawks game on MNF during the offseaon on Buc'em.  Tampa Bay meanwhile went into the NFC Central and lost many a game to the Packers, Bears, Lions and Vikings. But they only played one game against divisional teams in 77, because they played everyone in the entire NFC, plus Seattle again, so that in the first two years, both clubs would have played a game against every single team in the NFL. After the 2001 Divisional Re-alignment, Seattle was put back in the NFC West where it originally was at birth.

So they were told to play each other, week 5. Both teams were winless, and except for a tie, one of these teams would get their first win. As Bucs fans know, that wouldn't come until game 26! The Seahawks had a 13-3 lead, but the Bucs scored a TD on a trick play, a pass from halfback Louis Carter to #85 Morris Owens with 2:02 left in the 3rd quarter.  Seattle blocked a FG attempt to tie the game, the Seattle would take their first win of the year. The Seahawks would go 2-12 in 1976, where as the Bucs would need two whole seasons to get two years.

The two teams were built differently, and that was actually pretty smart. John McKay and the Bucs went first, and took DL Lee Roy Selmon. Now if Seattle tried to build a defense too, they would have been fighting over players. Instead, the Seahawks went more for offense. They could score points on anyone. The Bucs could not dream of scoring, but could stop the average NFL team. In 1977, the Bucs lost many games 10-0.