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Raheem Morris on Sunday's Onside Kick: It's One of the Few Times I've Enjoyed Being a Head Coach

I raise this to you, our community, as this topic caught my attention Tuesday on the Ron & Ian Show.  As some of you may already know, the aforementioned words were spoken by our head coach Monday on the Buccaneer Total Access Raheem Morris show on 620 WDAE.  If you didn't get a chance to listen to it on Monday at 6 pm, click here to check out the archived show on the Buccaneers' website.  I typically listen to the show at work, but I couldn't catch it Monday.  At the 16:12 mark, Scott Ledger asks Raheem if he had planned to kick the onside kick all along when he decided to go for the field goal on 4th and 5, trailing 19-0 in the third.  The first words in response were that decision was one of the few times he enjoyed being a head coach. 

Some of you might not care, nor find this comment worthy of a detailed discussion, but I think any time your head coach gives an in indication that he may or may not be happy with his job, it's worth delving into a little bit.  Some might see the comment as a slap in the face to an ownership group that took a huge chance and did Raheem a big favor by promoting him to a position he certainly couldn't refuse.  Others might see his comment as a further demonstration that he's in over his head and is not ready to take on the challenges that come with being a head coach. 

Personally, the comment doesn't really bother me, as he's human like all of us and it's certainly been a frustrating season that everyone, players and fans, would like to quickly forget.  Heck, it probably hasn't been fun dealing with angry fans, underperforming players, and a critical group of media members, some of whom are calling for his head.  To me, his comments reflect that sentiment and capture the frustrations in dealing with difficult decisions he's been faced with this year.  He's had to pick up some of the pieces that were left behind from the disastrous end to the 2008 season and the personnel debacles that followed this past offseason... and that sure as heck could not have been easy.  I also don't think the comment serves as further ammunition to those who claim Raheem doesn't know what he's doing and is not ready to handle a head coaching position.  It certainly doesn't show that any more than the impulsive staff hirings/firings and questionable in-game personnel decisions and playcalling that have gone on this year.

So I put it to you... our trusted community... to weigh in and discuss the matter.  What's your position on Rah's comments?  Are you bothered, or is it just a meaningless comment taken out of context by some?