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Whats wrong with the offense? Lets start with some coaching shall we...

Just not the one your thinking. After watching the Jets game over again (Yes it was more painful to watch the second time around), I thought about the reasons why we could be playing so bad here in week 13, when it appeared we had begun to play better. Well everyone was right...its coaching. But, not so fast; I'm talking about assistant coaching. Because before I am up for a wholesale change of coaches for a team that had zero to no talent to begin with,  lets look at what was observed in game replay.                       

I'm not going to sit here and say that Offensive Line Coach Pete Mangurian is not doing a good job, because there is no way that I know enough, but if we are going to look at coaches responsible for getting players ready, dont we look at positiion coaches too? True Mangurian came from the Patriots, but he was the tight ends coach there for 4 years. Yes he coached the OL with Dan Henning in Atlanta before New England.

Another thing to consider about the O line, is the disaster that is/was the OC this year. First they were told to lose weight and learn the Zone Blocking scheme. Now that has been abandoned, and they seem to be getting dominated by a much better defensive front 7 than people give the Jets credit for. Not that the line had ever been considered a dominant rushing line. Its strength has always seemed to be pass protectiion (or false starts from the right tackle position) rather than run, and if anything, Aaron Sears was probably the best run blocker on the team. Still, if we can criticize Bill Muir......

Tim Berbenich is listed as the assistant wide receivers coach, but on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers own website, I do not see a Wide Receivers coach besides Berbenich. He has been with the Bucs for the last 4 years, prior to 2009 he was the quality control coach in 2006 and 2007, then in 2008 he was assistant running backs coach when the Bucs rushed for a 4.07 per carry average; 5th best in Bucs history. He partnered up with running backs coach, Richard Bissacia. Injuries have hit the WR corp hard this year, with Antonio Bryant, without argument the best WR, pretty much being missing everything from the get go this year. He seems to only now be in proper form. So just when we get our starting  WR back, our second string one goes down(Clayton), and our third (Stroughter). Is it little wonder the offense did not acommplish much. AB was being canceled out by Jets shut down corner Darrelle Revis, so the heart of our passing offense was Brian Clark and Maurice Stovall. Again, not sure if coaching is the problem here, but WR position is weak enough talent wise, after you talk about AB that is. I expect some coaching changes at One Buc, and assistant coaches should not feel safe.

Speaking of running backs, why dont we run the ball more? Well, we are very inconsistant in our rushing attack, and I think you can bet that this seasons running backs coach will not be back in 2010. That would be Steve Logan, who before coming to Tampa Bay this season, was the Offensive Coordinator for Jeff Jagodzinski at Boston College.

Thats right, he was the guy who CALLED plays for Jagodzinski at Boston College, so I'm guessing the Bucs did not want to remove the Offensive Coordinator AND and Running Backs coach too. Jags was fired 10 days before the season started because he could not call/implement and NFL capable offense. 

I do not think Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris, plus whomever else is responsible, had any idea how many dominoes would fall if they didnt get their picks as OC and DC right.

On the defensive side, expect the Bucs to go after defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake. It was probably felt there would be an uproar from fans if the Bucs stocked their defense with two assistants from an 0-16 team instead of the one: LB coach Joe Barry.

If you think the offseason is going to be about who we bring in for free agents, and the draft, think again. Coaches we pick up will be just as important as to how the Bucs far in 2010, when Morris WILL officially be on the hot seat starting with game one.