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Letter to Santa Glazer; A Bucs Christmas list

Dear Santa Glazer,

I am just a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so I would like to ask if you can please give the Bucs some of these things for Christmas, so we can all be happier fans in 2010!


  • A new contract for Antonio Bryant- He was once on your naughty list, and he got coal on several occasions, and this year he got a big check, and a pair of crutches. But what he needs now is a contract so he doesn't have to worry about what he is going to do for the next five years. He is not asking for a lot of money per year, but does want a contract that keeps him a Buc for some time to come. Make sure he is  here for all the OTAs, Camp, and everything so he can be in sync with Josh Freeman.
  • While your signing contracts, can you put your pen to use for Penn? We have only been looking for a starting left tackle since Paul Gruber, and Donald Penn has done a great job against some of the Best DE's in the biz, and we should make sure he stays a Buc for some time too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Aaron Sears could really use Cadillac's "How to come back from an NFL seasons absence" book that you gave Mr. Williams last Christmas. We obviously didn't realize how good of a guard Sears was, and Zuttah is a great lineman, but he is no Aaron Sears.  
  • A newer, thicker, and much better playbook-...and get over wishing for Greg Olsen to be fired. It wont happen. The Bucs Higher-ups know the numbers; that young NFL Quarterbacks who keep the same system from year one to year two fare better than those who change systems so early. Who is at fault for the OC disaster is old news at this point. The Playbook right now is a disaster. It is a combination of Jeff Jagodzinski's work, some of Jon Gruden's succesful plays, and some of his own brought down from his time as OC with the St. Louis Rams. Undoubtedly, the playbook will be drastically improved after a full offseason as the Offensive Coordinator. 
  • A corner for Talib to have fun with- Christmas is all about friendship! There is nothing like sharing your friendship by sharing halves of a football field. Ronde Barber deserves praise for keeping up this year. He was one of the few players on Defense that looked comfortable with the switch to Jim Bates Defense. Considering he was told he would fail miserably, that is saying a lot. But Barber came into the league in 1998, and he is getting up there. He is the last of the Dungy era Buc Heroes, and may be the only one to go out on his own terms. His replacement is most definitely NOT on the team at this time, but should be added in the offseason.
  • Blocking classes for our Tight Ends- While some kids may find it cute how Kellen Winslow II does the Ole' dance, Josh Freeman or the ball carrier at the time does not. Jeremy Stevens does not do much better. We only have one traditional blocking tight end, so we cant really fool teams by putting him on the field only when we want to run the ball. Blocking School. Find one.
  • Healthy recovery for Josh Bidwell- Dirk Johnson didn't do a bad impersonation, and Sam Paulesque is an adequate sub-in, but we all know Bidwell is the guy who plays the part the best. Lets make sure he recovers properly, and hopefully Connor Barth turns out to be the kicker he looks like he can be. Yes he has missed a few lately, but even Matt Bryant missed some. And when he did, they looked like Barth's; by a few feet, not going into the tunnels.          
  • A Few Blank checks for Mark Dominik- So we can add three strategic Free Agents that will be with the team for some time to come, much as the K2 and Ward additions were. We need to build through the draft, but you have to add some Free Agents here and there too before you can get good.
  •  A decision on Barrett Ruud- Either pay him or trade him. Decide if he is a part of the problem or the solution. He would fetch a premium for the Bucs, and after all, if we can go 1-15 with him, we can do that without him too. Otherwise, lock him up as we are starting to get some guys on this defense that are starting to come into their prime.
  • Two Words, Five Syllables- Ndomukong Suh. Get him. No matter what. Make sure he is in a Pewter Uniform. Give the Rams Leftwich and Clayton. Give them Barrett Ruud if you dont think he is part of the future. Do what you must, but make sure Suh is a Buc in 2010.