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Mocking the draft: Suh to the Bucs?

Ever since his dominating performance in the Big 12 championship game against Texas, Buccaneer fans have been salivating over Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. The Bucs are practically guaranteed a top-five pick in the 2010 draft, and defensive tackle had been a glaring weakness on an underachieving defense.

ESPN's NFL Draft expert Todd McShay released his latest mock draft (below) this morning, likely to the delight of fans in Tampa Bay.

Pick Team Player Position College
1 St. Louis Rams Jake Locker QB Washington
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
3 Cleveland Browns Eric Berry S Tennessee
4 Detroit Lions Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
5 Kansas City Chiefs Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State


But there’s only one problem: Jake Locker decided this afternoon to return to school for his senior season, leaving those interested wondering what direction the Rams will choose to go.

Sure, they need a quarterback. Mark Bulger cannot stay healthy and Kyle Boller has not demonstrated the decision-making ability or poise necessary to be an NFL quarterback. However, the Rams’ head coach, Steve Spagnuolo, was the defensive coordinator for the Giants when they made their Super Bowl run just two years ago. A defensive strategist such as Spagnuolo could overlook the team’s need for a quarterback to select Suh as the centerpiece for his new defense.

Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow will all be there for the taking at the quarterback position for the Rams, but the 6-foot 4, 301-pound Suh has emerged as a unique talent, as close to a sure thing at defensive tackle that anyone has seen in decades.

So, when the Rams host the Texans on Sunday afternoon, you can bet Buccaneer fans will have one eye on that score.

Let the Suh Bowl begin. May the worst team win.