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Bucs step backwards, lose to Jets 26-3

Even the Field Goal was with the aid of a penalty. The Jets committed a personal foul on a player that was not even on the field on the 3rd down play, and added to good field position, the Bucs were able to avoid the whitewash. Quarterback Josh Freeman started the game with an interception, and pretty much took a step backwards today along with his offensive line which provided little blocking and even less running room for Bucs backs. 

If not for the efforts of the vastly improved defense, the score could have been much worse going into the half and the eventual outcome. Time and Time again the defense stopped the Jets on early possessions, only to have New York go for it on 4th down and fake a punt to add to their early lead. 

But the Bucs offense was so putrid, it was only a matter of time before the defense caved from all the pressure put on them. The Bucs finished with 124 total yards, 43 of which were rushing. Not exactly something Greg Olsen can be blamed for with play calling. It did not matter which plays were called, the result was the same as the 2009 season; Failure.

With the Rams playing at 4pm, a win for St. Louis would put Tampa Bay in sole possession of the number 1 pick in next years draft. The Bucs play in Seattle next week followed by another game with New Orleans on the road, and will finally end this year by hosting the Falcons. The Bucs will have their say in Atlanta's quest to finally have back to back winning seasons for the first time in Atlanta History.