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Bucem Predictions

The Season is winding down...with only a few weeks left, there are playoff races and draft picks to be decided and every game means something. 

Here are some of the staff predictions for this week...Feel free to leave your own.


Cincinatti vs. Minnesota - I know this is going to be an upset pick, but I've got a good feeling about the Bungles in this one. Cincy has seemingly been able to plug any back (including the KC pariah Larry Johnson) and pick up a hundred yards on the ground over the past three weeks. They won't be able to do this vs. Minnesota, but Cincy also brings a stout run defense to the table (sorry Adrian Peterson owners, but it looks like two bad weeks in a row for you). This is really going to be too close to call ahead of time in my opinion, but I'll go out on a limb and pick Cincy. That's why I make the big bucks.

Detroit at Baltimore - This one is really a no brainer. The decision is made even easier by the fact that Daunte Culpepper will be behind center for this one. Being that I am going up against Calvin Johnson this week in my fantasy playoffs, I rejoice at this knowledge.


New Orleans at Atlanta - Atlanta will probably be without Ryan (Questionable due to turf toe) and may again be without stud back Michael Turner. In order for this team to be successful, they need both. New Orleans is accustomed to playing on turf, so Atlanta gains no advantage. I just don't think Atlantas defense has the pass rush necessary or the phenomenal athletes preferred to beat this high-octane offense.

Seattle at Houston - Steve Slaton has been shelved for the year, but was he really helping this team much anyway? Ryan Moats will get the majority of the carries. Seattle is deceptively good at stopping the run, but terrible at defending the pass. If they have any hopes of winning in Houston they better bring their A-Game.


Buffalo at KC

Craig T

NY Jets at TampaBay.  All I've heard about this week is Revis Island, Revis Island, Revis Island.  Even if he mans up, I think the Bucs will still spread the field and hit em with a heavy dose of K2 over the top.  The continually improving run D slows Thomas Jones enough to stall the Jet offense and the Bucs pull out a win.... to the pleasure of some and chagrin of Suh-ome others.

Miami at Jacksonville

With both teams fighting for their playoff lives, this game is blacked out locally.  Shame on you, Jacksonville fans.  YOUR TEAM IS IN A PLAYOFF RUN!  GO SUPPORT THEM!  My goodness... anyway, off my high horse.  Jacksonville will find success through the ground and air en route to a close victory.

WASHINGTON at Oakland - Surprisingly, both teams are playing much better as we approach the end of the season.  Bruce Gradkowski seems to have learned the game and the Skins offense is moving right along.  I think the difference in this contest is Bruce falling off a bit and the Skins pass defense.  I'm waffling on this, but I say Skins by under a TD, for now.

St. Louis at TITANS - VY is questionable for the game, but I don't think it matters with Chris Johnson taking on one of the worst run defenses in the league.  This should be a fairly quick game as both teams like to run the ball and have stellar RB's to do so.  I think Tennessee is on a mission and takes this home.


SanDiego at DALLAS- The Cowboys probably wont throw the ball anywhere near as much as they did last week, as they need to keep pace with the Eagles who are all tied at 8-4 a game on the NY Giants. Chargers meanwhile have one up on the inconsistent Broncos. The Boys have won 4 of the last 5 meetings.

Philadelphia at GIANTS- Both teams need this one badly, and this game gets the national top billing because of it. These teams have split their last dozen meetings, but the Eagles cruised on the Gmen last time they played.

Mon- ARIZONA at SanFrancisco- The 49ers are a little disappointed at the overall predicament they have found themselves in this year, as they were hoping to contend for a title in the weak West. However, the Cardinals have rebounded from a shaky start to really assume command, at just the right time. After the impressive win over arguably the second best team in the NFC, a Win here could be a lock in momentum for the playoff bound Cards; for the 2nd year in a row, practically a dynasty for this franchise.