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Co-relation between IR and losing?

Seems like every season lately, the Bucs have a dozen or so guys finish the season on Injured reserve. This year is no different, but it doesnt seem to have hit as hard, nor be as responsible for our dismal record.

However, one doesnt have too look to hard to see the list of the most players on IR are made up of teams not so hot in the Win column. 

New Orleans sticks out at you out of the Buffalo and Detroit names, and then the list goes on to contain the lower end teams in the NFL. The Bottom 10 are pretty much made of teams in the playoff hunt. One can only assertain that having a lot of your players on IR means your not going to have that good of a year. 

Its a wonder we finished 9-7 the last two years when we had so many players end up on on the list of season ending injuries. Having depth at the area your getting hit the hardest is one lucky way to keep your name on the wrong side of this list!Screen_shot_2009-12-11_at_friday__december_11__2009__7