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Jet Memories countdown: #2 - 2005, Vinny Testeverde, from your couch to our living room.

It was only 18 years after he came into the league FOR the Tampa Bay Bucccaneers. A lot has happened to both Vinny and the Bucs since then. The Bucs  won a Superbowl finally, and VInny took the Jets to the brink of one.

But in this case, the Jets were without their starting QB Chad Pennington, and the Bucs were riding the Brian Griese wave since the 2004 season. Griese led the Bucs to a 4-0 record so far, but up 6-0, he threw a pick returned to deep Buccaneer territory where the Jets scored to make a game out of it. No one told Vinny he was just on the couch a few days before! No, literally, the Jets started Vinny Testeverde only days after being on his couch retired in New York.

Matt Bryant kicked 4 FGs, and was within range for another, when Joey Galloway caught a deep ball over the middle however, as time expired. Cadillac was on the sideline, and Brian Griese was a game away from getting knocked out of the Bucs line up for the year. 

This was probably the best chance to get a win over the Jets in the modern era. Tampa Bay has only beaten NY Jets once, in 1984. John McKay's last game.

Check out Gary Shelton's St. Pete Times article about the game.

One interesting part of this game I saved on video was the accidental hit by Ronde Barber on a referee, where he tried to chop down to break loose someones hold but grazed an official with the hit on the way down

I think the officials gave Barber the benefit of the doubt with his reputation, or he would have been ejected. It does not matter that it was incidental, ANY contact between an official and player is grounds for an ejection.

Should Ronde have been ejected?

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