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For Veterans Day, Tampa Bay falls in love with Free-man.

Never happend.

That's when the last time, since the merger in 1970, that a rookie QB threw 3 TD passes in his first game, and Won by the way. That's what happened today, as the best case scenario played out, and the Bucs won their first game in Bucco Bruce threads since beating the Bears end of the 1996 season. Tampa Bay now loves the Orange uniforms, and the throwback week was a huge success. The amount of fans in Orange were rivaled only by the ones in Green, at least judging from my view from the Pirate ship...guest of the Glazers. The 1979 team was on the sideline, but players (or memories of such) kept popping up everywhere. The defense sacked Aaron Rogers 6 times, Lee Roy Selmon probably thought he was just given a breather, and Randy Crowder & Wally Chambers were taking care of business. 

Josh Freeman was a gunslinger, Kellen Winslow and Sammy Stroughter were catching them;  It looked like Doug Williams to Jimmy Giles, and the secondary was getting in on the act too.

For the first time this year, the Bucs (the TEAM Tampa Bay Buccaneers), all three units, contributed to this win. Special Teams  even pitched in with a blocked punt, a returned a Kick Off, and boomed punts.

We can put 0-16 to rest, and we can put Bucco Bruce to rest too, until next year. Now we wait to see if this team can play consistent football and give the fans a reason to get excited about 2010, and the incoming talent due to arrive.