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Buc 'Em readers pick Tampa Bay over Green Bay in an upset

Over the last few weeks, I've been posting polls that essentially ask if you think the Bucs will win or lose on the upcoming Sunday.  We have seen most of the votes go against the Bucs, but we still have the few who pick the Bucs to win every week. 

In a bit of a surprise, the majority of those who voted have said the Bucs will win this week against the Packers.  Here are the numbers.

Featured Poll

Will the Bucs chalk up a win against Green Bay or put on a "throwback" performance.
Win #1 will come wearing the throwbacks
28 votes
The Bucs will play like the old Bucs teams in the creamsicles, lousy enough to lose.
27 votes

55 votes


As you can see, it was a pretty close vote, but one lucky soul cast the deciding vote to give a Bucs win the majority tally. 

Good luck tomorrow both to the Bucs players, and Bucs fans.