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Throwback memories; A Video History of Green Bay vs Tampa Bay

The games were many, some decided in overtime, some blowouts like the 55-14 beat down the Packers put on us in 1983. That game was 49-3 at half time. Of course this is all before the days of Warren Sapp and Brett Favre having their play time on the screen. Before the return to Monday Night Football where Dilfer threw two perfect slants to Green and Emanuel, there was the very last Monday Night game for Howard Cosell, who didn't want to take the trek to San Francisco for game 16, thus making the Bucs snoozy 12-9 OT loss to the Packers his last, and our last for 15 seasons on the prime time show.

There were Back to Back last second winning FGs in Tampa Stadium in 88 and 89, the last of which was a result of a super weak penalty after the Bucs stopped the Packers on 4th down. Funny how you never forget bad calls like that one!

There is Ricky Bell, and only a few years later, Ricky Bells tribute game. There is a lot of history to this Green Bay & Tampa Bay Buccaneers series before they stopped playing each other and ended their relationship as division opponents. Who knows, maybe one day when a few more teams are added to the NFL, the league may realign again someday and the Bucs may find themselves back with their NFC buddies. Until then, we will remember the days, the Bay of Pigs, because after all, what other teams could end a game in a 14-14 tie with 3 missed Field Goals??

NOTE: Ive invited a bunch of Packer fans to come check out our video....lets make them, Welcomed???!!

Detailed list of video clips...

1) 1977 GB at TB- First ever meeting between the teams. Chester Marchol's FG are the first points ever scored in series.

2)1978 TB at GB, Long Doug Williams pass to one yard line, and TD by Ricky Bell

3) 1979 GB at TB, Williams pass to Ricky Bell for TD, announcers were still calling football games as of 2008, Dick Stockton, and John Madden. 

4) 1981 GB at TB- Cedrick Browns 81 yard pick 6

5) 1983 GB at TB on Monday Night Football, Jack Thompson to Adger Armstrong, is Howard Cosell's last game in the Booth.  This is also the last appearance for the Bucs on Monday Night Football until 1998's Bucs at LIons. Its the last MOnday Night game in Tampa until 1998's Green Bay at Tampa Bay game...what a coincidence huh?

6) 1984 TB at GB- Tribute to Ricky Bell on  Bucs helmets

7) 1985- TB at GBThe snow bowl game, 14" of snow fell during the game, you could not even see Bucs QB Steve Young running the ball! Wisconsin Ch. 7 weather report goes across the screen.

8) 1988- GB at TB, Donald Kicker IGGY kicks the game winner 

9) 1989 - GB at TB- Chris Jacke repays the favor a year later...however a holding penalty which was BS was called against Tampa Bay on 4th down, thats how the Packers won.

10) 1991- TB at GB- one of the longest TDs in Bucs history, WR Willy Drewery wasnt even the target WR... the ball was overthrown, then through the hands of the DB, into Drewerys on the sideline, then he ran in for a TD. Bucs ended up losing anyways!! We wouldnt win in Green Bay until 2005.

11) 1992 GB at TB- Brett Favre's very first completion. If you dont know this trivia, your new to the site, because I think I bring it up every month. Guess who catches Brett Favre's first pass completion?

12) 1994- GB at TB Bucs won 4 games in a row, but ran into a Green Bay team playing for a playoff birth.

13) 1995 GB at TB- End of the double digit losing seasons. The win put the Bucs at 7-7, unheard of in those days, and still alive for playoff birth! This was a great upset on TNT football.

14) 1996 Week 1- GB at TB, Tony Dungy's first game as a coach. Green Bays superbowl year.

Clip 2, end of game hugs, respect given to Dungy.