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New Feature on Bucem: Weekly Caption Contest


We have decided to implement a new feature here on Bucem that is popular on many other blogs. Every Thursday we will select a photo and let the readers of Bucem try to come up with the funniest caption for the picture. If you would like to enter, simply type a caption for the photo in the comments section.

Please remember that all captions submitted must fall within the community guidelines of Bucem. We want you to be funny, but not offensive.

If you would like to vote for a caption then simply "Rec" it. To Rec a comment, just click "actions" and the "Rec". Whichever caption receives the most Recs will win the weekly contest. All votes will be tallied on Tuesdays. 

(NOTE: Niko will be offering up ONE Bucs game of your choice for the winner on DVD. You can pick from a list once you've won.)

Your wit and cleverness will be celebrated amongst Buccaneers fans across the United States. Don't hesitate to wade right in and put something down. It is also perfectly fine to submit more than one entry, and you can "Rec" more than one as well. Good luck!