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Poll Results; BucEm readers disapprove of Morris' job as Head Coach


It's unscientific, and it means nothing as its doubtful a Brian, a Joel, or any Glazer is going to be reading it; but the results are hardly questionable by any means. Buc'Em readers overwhelmingly choose 'Slight Disapproval' (31%) as the majority answer in yesterdays poll designed to measure our site's reader apathy towards the team, and its 0-7 record. Not lost in the results is the fact that Strongly Disapprove came in a close second (27%). In the end, almost as many people chose both of the Approval answers combined than just the one strong disapproval, showing just how overwealming Coach Morris' lack of support seems to be here on our site.

Here are the numbers, crunch them up, add them, subtract, do what you will, but applaud yourselves while your at it; as 248 people took part in this poll.                                                                                                                                                 .