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BucShots...midseason coaching changes? Talib story just that...& More

Straight out of Dr. Who time warp...
Straight out of Dr. Who time warp...'s Vic Carucci says anyone who is for mid-season coaching changes is just committing a knee-jerk reaction.

From the Mouth of Morris... Talib never disrespected him. .....As I've said..don't listen to rumours. When it's in the Times,, its fact. When its on JoeBucsFan, its speculation. Didnt we learn anything from Dan Sileo about jumping on unconfirmed reports?? Seeing it somewhere is not confirmation. Seeing it on a reputable source, is.

Pewter Report gets into  New Kicker #3 ( as they will be known from now on. I wont call one by their name until they make two field goals in a row). He a kicker.

Whats next for the international series? Paul Stewart of talks about it here...

From the Bucs own website, talk of how the players are not this team refuses to throw in the towel.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune talks about how there is plenty of blame to go around for offensive woes!

Former Buccaneer Scott Brantley is doing better these days after suffering mini-strokes last year.

More BucShots later in the week!saaa