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Buc 'Em Weekly Caption Contest

Hello Bucs fans. Due to an overwhelming outpouring of email (at last count I had received one) I am going to move up the Caption Contest this week since we didn't do one over the holiday weekend. Congratulations are in order for Buc Wild, who won last week's contest with his witty caption about the treadmarks on Chris Hovan's face. Thank you to Niko for providing the picture for this week's contest.

As always, let's keep it clean gentlemen (and ladies? Do we have any female readers?). If you have a question about whether or not a caption is acceptable please email either myself ( or Niko. The Buc 'Em user that wins the contest will receive any Bucs' game of his/her choice on DVD.

Also: Just wanted to suggest that we make more of an attempt to "Rec" the comments we find funny. The more friendly and forthcoming we are with the Recs the more we can assure that only the funniest captions make it to the second round for voting. Thanks for reading and good luck!