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Reader Poll; Will Freeman be an elite QB?

Last night on the drive home, I was listening to Fox Radio and heard something I have never heard before in my life. Someone said they wanted the Bucs quarterback. 

Strange days indeed!

The exact quote was.." Can I get Josh Freeman for Mark Sanchez?"... so not only  did he like Freeman, but more so than Sanchize, something unheard of in week 5. 

Or ever! No one ever asked for Vinny Testeverde, or Trent Dilfer. Nor did they want Shawn King or Craig Erickson. Oh Sure Doug Williams got a lot of praise in his days as a Buc. 

What about you Buc'em Reader? The question is.. Do you think Josh Freeman has what it takes to be an elite QB. I'm afraid "We'll have to wait and see" wont do it..your going to have to decide right now....

Yes, No, or he will be an ok Game (dreaded title) Manager!