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On This Day- Nov. 3rd, 2002- Bucs demolish Vikings, again

For three years as we have seen lately, all right around the same time of the season, the Minnesota Vikings were good for what ails you! ln 2000 and 2001 under Dungy, we thought "OK, its Tony's old team"... But Jon Gruden got in the act too, and speaking of acts, the Bucs got over their "We have a defense but no offense" reputation in this game. Brad Johnson started his path to the SuperBowl, going 24/31 313 yards and 5 touchdowns in this game. One curious bit of irony, the Bucs usually dont give up 100 yard rushing games, but they did to  Vikings rookie, the one and only, Michael Bennet, who was with the Bucs in 2007 & most of 2008. Problem was in '08, Bennet should have said what his Vikings pretty much did,  ON THIS DAY, after the first quarter....

" Check Please"