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How do you feel about Morris? VOTE! Local precincts are open!


I felt it was best to keep it simple...not too many confusing choices...just the five basic ones. Full Support, Partial Support, uncertainty,  partial  disapproval, and determined disapproval...

1) You support Morris and believe in time he will build us into a winner.

2) You see the mistakes Morris has made, but feel that as a young coach they were bound to happen, and that he will learn from these.              

3) Your just uncertain, and need the rest of the season to play out  before you decide.                              

4) You may not be against the man, but judging by what you see, you feel he is not the guy for the job, and you think next year may be best off in the hands of someone new.

5) You are done with Raheem Morris, and it is time for the Bucs to show him the door now, you're done seeing all the mistakes.                      


I will end the voting tomorrow morning 6AM, and reveal the results graphic, where we can discuss the results with comments tomorrow.

UPDATE 6:14PM: Polls are still open, and the results are not very possitive for the incumbent Coach Morris so far.

Make sure you get your vote in before 6AM tomorrow Morning....when results will be announced around noon tomorrow. Thanks on a record turnout...most poll results since Ive been with Buc'em so far, 167 votes.

Keep them coming....