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Counting 5 days till Wonderland!

The majority of Buc'em readers know what a fan of the Orange Bucs I am, and hopefully youve enjoyed the "Know your 1979" pieces I have been doing, the last of which is coming up and features 3 videos! So I am excited about seeing Bucco Bruce again for the first time in over a decade! But over the weekend, the events of next weekend got a little changed up for me....and it was quite the surprise.

As some of you may have seen from yesterdays Bucshots...I have been invited to attend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reception for the 1979 Bucs over at One Buc Place this Saturday night. I'm thrilled and honored to attend as a guest of Paul Stewart from I look forward to meeting coach Morris, Lee Roy Selmon, and finally Doug Williams.....

......of whom Ive been emailing back and forth for months. As most Buc'em readers know, I am an avid collector of all things Buccaneers, especially games on DVD or VHS. I currently own 508 Bucs games on DVD, and its not getting to the point where it is easier to track the games I do not have rather than do. Paul Stewart has benefited from my collection as I have from his over the last few years, and I have given Doug Williams some of his old games to watch again too. For this reason, I am going as a guest of Paul and my status as honorary member of the Bucs UK; but I fully intend to network myself for future advantage of our site here on Buc'

It is my intention to portray Buc'em as a potential media outlet for the Buccaneers much as Pewter Report is. If Buc'em does get press credentials, it wouldn't be the first time SB Nation did so, as there are several SB Nation blogs that have develped such a good reputation with their clubs that they have media credentials.

The Buccaneers have also been kind enough to provide me with a media pass for the game Sunday, I will be on the field as a guest of the Buccaneers, up until kickoff, which should provide some great photo opportunities! HD movie camera will be there, and you guys will see all the action as soon as I process it.

It is with this reason that I brought a professional writer like Paul Mueller, a St. Pete Times sports correspondent, to come on board and write for Bucem as one of the new "Lead Writers" position along with BucWild. UNFNole and BucsFanDave contribute their pieces, the Slow Down the Play feature, and BucsFandDave has been giving us something to smile about every week!

So Thanks to everyone for coming to Buc' for leaving comments, and Fanposts, and thank you for helping us triple our readership from this same time last year. We look forward to doing even more for our readers in the offseason.