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Pewter Report's interesting look at Bucs mismanagment

You might be surprised to find out who was more in charge during the decision making that went on in the Spring.
You might be surprised to find out who was more in charge during the decision making that went on in the Spring.

As a Pewter Report Subscriber getting ready to start my own website, I talked with Scott Reynolds about the limits of reporting info from PR's insider content. Mr. Reynolds made it clear reporting what they have to say is fine, copying their work, is not. So this story is a summerized work from a Pewter Report insider article published on the 24th. If you dont already have PR, I highly recommend you do. They may even still have that 10.00 plan going on. 

The premise of the article is is a truthful look into what has happened with the demotion of Jim Bates and just the general overall misinformation we have gotten about the stories coming out of One Buc.

To quote the obvious is unnecessary, you can expect Jim  Bates to be fired by years end if he is not gone already. The real news is bad news for the Morris haters out there. There is virtually no way Raheem Morris wont be kept as the HC for next season. To make a long story short, almost all of the coaches on the Bucs are under contract through 2010. This is because if a coach were under contract in 2011, and there was a strike, all coaches contracts would be guaranteed and all coaches would be paid even if not one down of football were played. Any new coach hired next year would be under contract in 2011, and the Glazers are not putting themselves in that situation to even have to worry about paying ANOTHER coach to not work.

Now, speaking of paying coaches not to work, PR feels the Glazers feel responsible for Morris taking over a team that had a no win situation in store for them. They hired Morris 3 weeks after other coaches had been fired, and most of the good OC and DCs  as well as other coaches were taken.

Jim Bates was NOT Morris and Dominik's first choice as DC. It was Dan Quinn of Seattle, but their GM, former Bucs employee Tim Ruskell would not have it. Morris also wanted Greg Olsen instead of Jags right off the bat, but Morris did not have as much input into  the coaches hirings as we want to believe, according to PR, which is pretty accurate when they say something.

Morris wanted to hire Jimmy Lake, the DB coach from the LIons, but powers that be did not want to hire TWO coaches from an 0-16 team. Seems to me that would look a lot better than whats been going on lately!! But because of the dwindling ticket sales, the Glazer brothers have gotten more hands on this year in the day to day activities of the Buccaneers, and that has not had a good effect on the team, to say the least.

PR feels the Bucs will shake up the staff at the end of the year, as a few of the Defensive coaches were hired for Jim Bates. And these Bates guys will not be brought back next year. 

So what happened with Bates? PR's Reynolds says Bates was hired so that he could work with Raheem and develop  a meaner, nastier version of the cover 2, one with more physical corner play up front. The problem began when the system Bates installed was more like HIS old system instead, which as we know, was a bad fit for the players already here. The result? The defense we now have!

The Bucs pretty much knew this year would be a losing one. That why Dominik cut all the older vets, he wanted to use this year to play all the young guys, to see "what the Bucs have got"... so to speak. Well we know what we've got! A lot of players that wont be around too long. This is why the Bucs are so active on signing other teams practice squad players, to see if anyone out there can help the Bucs out in the future.

So Morris will call the Defense now, something he did for one year at K State. how did that work out? Morris took a roster of average at best players and led the Big 12 with 40 sacks and 26 take aways. He may just well be able to really kick the defense, just may not be this year.

Again, I would like to thank Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report for the source of info for this post, which I have summarized for Buc'em readers, not copied verbatim from PR insider reports. Again, as a thank you for using the material as a source, I would like to encourage our BucEm readers to consider a PR subscription, and to be honest, I love the new digital format magazine. 

I know the mens room reading material lovers arnt happy, but as someone who likes to read stuff on a computer, Im thrilled its a digital magazine. You get articles the authors read  aloud for you, Photos of players are slideshows, lots of multimedia too. 

Hold on to your seatbelts Bucs fans, the next six games are nothing. This is going to be one heck of an offseason.