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Deja-Bruce! Similarities between Gradkowski's Turkey Day 2006 bring this video to mind!

Bruce Gradkowski led a fantastic two minute drive to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, then, proudly marched on Texas Stadium to take on the Cowboys

The year? 2006.

And 2009. Yes, history in this case is repeating itself, as Gradkowski will take the field in a Raider uniform against the Cowboys, after leading Oakland in a 2 minute drive to beat the Bengals, who are playing a lot better than they did in 2006.

So today's video is a highlight of the Bucs one and only appearance on Thanksgiving Day in 2006. Things looked pretty dark back then too. Our secondary was terrible, as was our Defensive line. Funny how that happens when you lost Rod Marinelli and Mike Tomlin, the Bucs D line and secondary coaches. Of course, Raheem Morris would have been given the job, but he left before them all not knowing Tomliln would take the gig as D Coordinator for the Vikings. The next year the Bucs got Morris back, and the secondary rebounded with rookie draft pick Tanard Jackson.

From the entire BucEm staff, enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!