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Thanksgiving Day BUCEM Predictions!!!

The Buc'em Turkey is smarter than he looks...
The Buc'em Turkey is smarter than he looks...


We asked three of our guys to preview tomorrows games for us!


GreenBay Packers at Detroit - In what has become an annual tradition, the Lions will get stomped at home on Turkey Day.  This time they won't have Matt Millen to blame though.  Stafford and the Lions have shown some progress, but with Stafford out to a shoulder injury and Megatron most likely not playing, the Lions just don't have what it takes to keep up.  Green Bay seems to have found a way to protect Rodgers, and thats by throwing more short passes than long ones.  Look for a balanced attack as Green Bay rolls through Detroit.


 Oakland at Dallas - The Cowboys have not been playing well, and the Raiders seldom do. Coming off an unlikely win against the Bengals at home last week, the Raiders will get a reality check when they walk in to Dallas on Turkey Day. Cowboys 31, Raiders 17.


NewYork Giants @ Denver- Giants' offense seemed to be clicking on all cylinders last week. Denver will score, but the Giants will go to the air with surprising success against the talented Denver secondary, taking the game in the 4th quarter. NYG 24, DEN 20.


Thanks Guys...and we will have our whole staff's predictions up by tomorrow morning.


What about you?

Are you smarter than our Turkey? Lets hear your predictions...