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Remembering the giving spirit: 1986 Bears give Bucs an 'Egg Beater'. in breaking up the goose egg on the scoreboard....because trust me, the 1986 Bucs were far worse than our 2009 variety. Oh sure we had Steve Young dropping back to pass, but he wasnt THE Steve Young yet, Bill Walsh did that to him (and Jerry Rice to name a few). So for Vince Heflin, this would probably be a gift he will never forget. Probably no higher than a 4th string receiver, Leeman Bennett probably had him in to see what he had...which was what he had with the rest of the team; not much. 



There was no talent on offense, and none on defense. The Bucs cut veteran favorites Kevin House, Ron Springs and Jimmy Giles a few weeks earlier, weapons I'm sure Ray Perkins would have liked to have with  Steve DeBerg starting again. And a young franchise QB was on the way as the Bucs with their 2-14 record won the Vinny Testeverde sweepstakes.

And they won a free Touchdown from the Bears, a-la opportunistic defense.